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Feel Good Food

A little generosity can go a long way.
As more and more people find themselves edging closer to the poverty line, food banks are feeling the pressure. Next time you’re in the supermarket, if you can, please support your local food bank.

This film was created under strict UK Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and was donated to Food bank organisations.  Everyone involved in its production donated their efforts and talents for free. My sincere thanks to Mr Johnny Vegas and to all who contributed so generously to making this personal project happen, especially those enduring enforced unemployment at this time.


Clearscore Dark Web Market

30 Sec UK TV Commercial  for the Clearscore Protect app, which helps users monitor fraudulent credit activity and protect against the threat of online identity trading, dramatised here as an underworld market place.


Vanguard V

30 sec Commercial to launch US Investment company Vanguard to UK audience.


Park Tangled

UK commercial for Park Christmas Savings, where Mum’s online activity, awakens and excites the family’s dormant decorations in the loft.

Shooting in a loft is comparable to fighting in a phone box! Otherwise great fun.


Princes Sizzle

Quick, easy, healthy, tasty. A UK commercial for new pop in a pan Princes Mackerel Sizzle. The third ad in the new campaign I’ve directed. The dog and the fish were equally well behaved.


Great Britain Rugby League Lions The Pride is Back

The Great Britain Rugby League Lions were founded in 1908 to take on the best of the Southern Hemisphere.  Over the decades many historic contests took place and the Lions lifted the World Cup three times, but on the eve of their centenary were abandoned in 2007.  Last week, after a 12 year absence, the GBRL Lions were officially reformed.
To relaunch the team and their new kit based on the iconic chevron design, myself and producer Dave Birchall were appointed by the RFL to produce an integrated social media campaign, including films and photography. This 60 second ‘reveal’ film was proceeded by 15 and 30 second ‘teasers’.
We created the RFL World Cup campaign in 2013 so it was pleasing to be invited back for this prestigious Lions project.  Our concept depicts the 2019 Lions as a proud, powerful assembling force under a gathering storm (heading to New Zealand this Autumn).
The players were shot in Manchester and Sydney.  Post was completed in London and Leeds.

Princes All Ways (Tuna Springwater)

Easy, healthy, tasty.
Vignettes of everyday people and life to dramatise the convenient versatility of Princes canned fish, a British favourite for over 100 years, now with a fresh new look.


Princes All Ways (Tuna Fillers)

Easy, healthy, tasty.
Vignettes of everyday people and life to dramatise the convenient versatility of Princes canned fish, a British favourite for over 100 years, now with a fresh new look.


60-Second Showreel 2018

Highlights from my work in 2018, plus a couple clips of older stuff.  Thanks to Richard Bodgers for the track. Last year took a while to get going before hitting full-throttle – here’s to 2019 being the same.


New Jersey We Got This

60 Second US TV Commercial, breaking Super Bowl weekend 2019.

The wait is over. Mobile online sports betting has finally come to New Jersey and the natives are suspended in a heightened state of wide-eyed, coiled-sprung anticipation!  Rest assured, Resorts Casino gets it and is here for all who are unable to contain themselves.

My aim with this campaign was to not only capture an enthralling release of emotion, but also the authentic identity of the state through its characters. The campaign was shot in New Jersey with a wonderful cast, cut in NYC and was a joy to direct.


Next Base No Socks

A familiar festive motif: Every Christmas, year after year, dads receive boring, unimaginative, mundane gifts for which they mask disappointment and feign appreciation.
This year ditch the socks and surprise him with  the perfectly practical gift he’ll love - a Nextbase Dash Cam!




The interactive Samsung Flip lets your ideas flow.
It connects with other devices making concepts and collaborations fast and easy to generate and share.
It’s the sensible way to power up your brainstorms into a hurricane of creativity – as dramatised by this hyperbolic comparison.

This might look like spontaneous chaos but it was precisely planned.
I tested wind machines and camera frame rates in advance of the shoot at Artem Special FX. I also created a CG model of the location so I could accuratley plan all the shots and angles I needed as time would be precious with re-dressing the room after the wind had wrecked it.
Verbal instructions are impossible with this level of noise, but I’ve a lot of experience shooting under pressure with high speed action and directing this was as enjoyable as it looks with such a committed cast and crew. Great fun.


Harringtons. Natural For All.

Harringtons make proper healthy dog food in Yorkshire, England, and they’re proud of it.  Their mission is for all dogs to enjoy affordable natural goodness. In this commercial the dogs themselves deliver the egalitarian message to the nation,  gathering on a hilltop where they hoist a triumphant flag.

Shot on location, predominantly in the Yorkshire Dales, using a Ronin Rig and a drone. In promoting ‘naturalness’ my aim was to avoid the artificial and so repeated takes and calm patience was the only way to capture the story in camera. Getting crew, gear, dogs and owners up to such a remote, elevated location was a logistical challenge but the effort was reflected in the results.


Smyths Wheels

A new UK and ROI Autumn commerical for Smyths to encourage kids to get off their screens and get out out there – ideally on something exciting and wheeled from one of their Toys Superstores.
My aim was to achieve an authentic, uncomplicated message to promote carefree outdoor fun, from kids to kids.


Hoover That’s Who

Commercial for the lightweight and efficient, revolutionary Hoover Discovery vacuum cleaner – part of a new UK and European animated campaign to persuade busy mums that Hoover’s innovative, advanced tech products can help make her life easier and simpler.

Production began with live action studio shoot to establish timings and relationship between character and product.
Achieving a credible interaction between our hand drawn 2D character and 3D products took a lot of complex work from our animation team in the UK and France.  My aim with the visual and music was to create a world that was effortless, clean, simple, warm.



To be a high performance Sky Casino gamer you need skill, speed, accuracy and judgement. In this content campaign of challenge films we put world record holder Rick Smith Jr from Cleveland Ohio to the test.

Rick can throw a card over 200ft at over 90mph but could he shatter glass, take the top chip off a stack or hit the narrowest of moving targets, the open window of a speeding BMWi8?  Over half a million Facebook viewers clicked to find out.  I captured the action on multiple Arri Alexa Minis, and yes, he did do it for real.

All the films were shot in one day, you see the others on my vimeo feed.

This is my cut of the work and the music is composed by Richard Bodgers.


Very Sale

‘HOME’ One in a campaign of three commercials that exaggerate the elated, euphoric, triumphant feeling of bagging a bargain in the VERY January Sale. Love the hyperbole of this idea. A joy to shoot too – wind machines, confetti canons, 600 fps – complete control!


No-nonsense Casino

In a noisy, artificial, flashy world, 188 Bet offer a straight-forward, no-nonsense, no gimmicks approach to online gambling and gaming.
For this third commercial in the campaign we pull the plug on a grand, fake Vegas illusion – to offer a less elaborate alternative.



Harringtons nutritious dog food is made in Yorkshire. Full of wholesome, locally-sourced natural ingredients it’s totally free from the artificial. Consequently, I adopted a uncontrived approach for this commercial in an attempt to achieve a message that felt simple, unhurried, unforced, natural.


Mr Perfect

A story about love and life. Commissioned by an international pharmaceutical brand. 70 second cut down of a 3 minute film.

Contact me for more information.



My friends at Eccles RFC needed help to promote their fund-raising Eccles Beer Festival.  So I made them this film - to dramatise the dedicated preparation and serious training required for the two day event - pro bono publico, with the generous support of my friends.  
Shot one late June afternoon on the Phantom with Paul, edited with Rob, arranged Rossini’s La Gazza Ladra with Rik and polished off at 422 Manchester with Alex and mixed with Paul.  A community project, we turned it around in a week.
Beer Camp went live Wednesday 1st July. A week later it had over 5,000 views on Vimeo and over 180,000 views / 4,000 shares on Facebook! It was also featured by Manchester Evening News, awarded AD OF THE DAY by the Drum and received 5 stars on David Reviews!




This film celebrates the daily efforts of migrant workers and their bond with dependent relatives back home.  World Remit’s online money transfer service helps noble heroes like these triumph over adversity everyday, ensuring families remain connected, despite the distances that separate them.

My aim was to generate admiration for the characters as we watch their daily experience unfold and intercut with their loved ones, waiting for news of their progress.  So I adopted an natural, emotive, observational style so we feel an intimacy and empathy with their stories. Capturing a cinematic yet contemplative quality was essential as the international nature of the campaign meant I couldn’t utilise dialogue.

A 5 day shoot – hand held with the amazing Alexa Amira – produced a body of material, which developed beyond a brand film to become a multi-platform content project, which you can check out here



A dapper new commercial for Jacamo and McCann Manchester, featuring the winter collection and brand ambassador Freddy Flintoff


We Are Evertonians

Commissioned by Everton Football Club as part of their new Season Ticket marketing campaign.
The story follows the journey to kick off taken by Evertonians on a typical match day and is a nostalgic and emotive call to arms.

Goodison Park is the centre of Evertonia. The film set out to capture and celebrate the uniquely individual pre-match superstitions and rituals observed by the faithful Evertonians, and see them come together – fans and players – as one family at the game.  There’s nothing like the live experience of taking your seat amongst the other ‘clan’ members.  My aim was to give proud ‘Blues’ the goosebumps.


Rising Stars (Arsenal)

2013 African TV commercial for Airtel, sponsor of Arsenal FC, promoting their epic continental-wide search for footballing talent.

Conceived in Kenya. Shot on a vast stage at Warner Bros. Leavesden studios with messers Walcott, Wilshere, Sanga and Gervinho. Illuminations and chromatic aberrations created in Soho, London.


Open Late

Commercial for Smyths Toys where the small heroes set off on an epic nocturnal quest to remind parents that the store is open late this Christmas.
Embracing the imaginative viewpoint of a kid, I got low with a periscope equipped Arri Alexa, and went through shit loads of batteries. All the participating toys were donated to children’s charities after filming. The cat is called Dave.



Get Closer

The Rugby League World Cup 2013 was getting closer, and commissioned a raw, emotive film which would drive ticket sales and get fans behind England for the opening match of the tournament versus Australia.
Featuring internationals Sam Burgess and Gareth Widdop on location in Sydney; Kevin Sinfield, Rob Burrow and Tom Briscoe at England’s training camp in Leeds and Sam Tomkins in the Old Trafford dressing room, we were able to move fast and react to the player’s limited availability by shooting with a small crew on the impressive Canon 1Dc.
This web version was first screened at the Super League Grand Final for 70,000 RL fans. The 30-second TV cut was broadcast  October 2012



Ultimate Selection

Commercial for Globul, a European telecoms sponsor of Manchester United, to announce their ‘flexible options put you in total control’.
However, control and flexibility was a bit in short supply for the production - I had less than 45 minutes to shoot this film!

The limited availability of the players, lead me to this graphic gameplay solution, with a stylised stadium dramatisation and the action choreographed to capture the shots I needed at great speed, using 2 x Arri Alexa, one steadicam mounted.  I don’t mind admitting I was ecstatic that Chicharito hit that sweat overhead volley in one take!


Lather Maker

UK Commercial for Imperial Leather.
Shot at high speed on Phantom HD, much of the visual bubble wonder was actually caught for real, in camera.
We created the explosions by shooting lather-filled balloons with an air rifle!
The mysterious performer, Sam, is a Guinness world record holder and we tailored his costume around a vintage Edwardian piece.


Keep Your Number

Commercial for Du mobile, UAE telecoms sponsor of Manchester United.
This charming idea by Leo Burnett Dubai gave me a great opportunity to work again with Ryan – wearer of the legendary United 11 shirt for over 20 years; and the most decorated player in English Football history. A great laugh with Danny, Antonio and all the lads at the MUFC Carrington training complex. Due the limited amount of time I had with the players, I shot with 3 x Arri Alexa.

For the record, I’m left-footed and I bestowed the number 11 to Giggsy when I retired to concentrate on making ads.


The Unfriendly

The Legends return!  Now fit and battle ready, the United old guard need match practice before facing Real Madrid at Old Trafford.
 So Robbo and the Legends gate crash a local pitch for an un-friendly with an unsuspecting youth team. (I didn’t tell the kid’s who they were playing- as you can see from their expressions)
Shot on location in Old Trafford for the Manchester United Foundation to help promote their fund-raising charity event.



The Comeback

Shot on location in Manchester and Salford during December 2012 for the Manchester United Foundation to help them promote a fund-raising charity Match.

With Old Trafford and Real Madrid waiting, the United old guard have to train hard through the winter to get fit.  Robbo puts his hand-picked team through a rigorous and tough training regime, until he is satisfied they are ready to pull on the famous red shirt again. THE LEGENDS ARE BACK!


Hey, Let’s Play.

To tell the story of the toys’ epic quest to find a playmate I got down with the kids, literally to my knees, to embraced their viewpoint, imagination and adventurous spirit.   Devoted many hours to ‘researching’ the products. Over 400 real toys took part in the campaign which were donated to children’s charity after filming.

WINNER Best Integrated Campaign 2014 ROSES AWARD





UK TV commercial to launch Peckish, a brand new bird food for Westland.
Birds bring life and entertainment to your garden, so together with the BAFTA winning team at Jellyfish we completed extensive research into the behaviour and anatomy of birds to ensure the CG characters were both life like and amusing.  Choreographing their imaginary performances and embedding them into the live action scenes was fun! But certainly less painful than wrangling 100 real birds to form an orderly queue!

WINNER Best TV commercial 2012 ROSES AWARD


Snail Stairway

Series of 3 TV sponsorship Idents for Westland Eraza and ITV Growing Gardens.
A Winter production, so I shot the live action on minature garden sets in a Studio. Research into the anatomy of the CG characters was necessary to ensure they were both life like and amusing. I used hi res plates of skin textures of the real Mollusks for the CG animation and referenced renaissance paintings for the heavenly cloudscapes! Completed with our own Slug and Snail VO and SFX.


Slug Angel

Series of 3 TV sponsorship Idents for Westland Eraza and ITV Growing Gardens.
A Winter production, so I shot the live action on minature garden sets in a Studio. Research into the anatomy of the CG characters was necessary to ensure they were both life like and amusing. I used hi res plates of skin textures of the real Mollusks for the CG animation and referenced renaissance paintings for the heavenly cloudscapes! Completed with our own Slug and Snail VO and SFX.



TV comercial for We Will Buy Your Car, extolling the virtues of the service, doing little and drinking tea.  Canon 5D.


Wish You Were Here

2013 Commercial for Hoseasons.
This cut features some of my favourite scenes that didn’t make the 30″ TV ad. Shot on location in Norfolk, UK during September 2012, with some beautiful but typically changeable Great British summer weather.  No CG or post trickery. All done in camera – Alexa / C300 / 5D


Working Hard

Commercial for Bradford & Bingley, shot on location in Cape Town 2008.
I think Production Designer Chris Rautenbach had a heart attack building me that Hay Cart from scratch. The Horses almost had one pulling it- a bastard to shoot but worth it. Love that hammock shot.


Sweet Dreams

Bradford & Bingley commercial, shot in Cape Town 2008. 35mm.
On the first night we had cranes, rain machines and road closures. The second night was a fairly uneventful and quiet affair- Ronaldo missed a Penalty but United held Barca to a 0-0 semi-final at the Nou Camp and went on to Moscow. Sweat Dreams.



Lavish Alice FALL

FALL was collaboration with Lavish Alice to launch their glittering 2011 Autumn Winter Collection.
The fanciful, glamorous garments inspired this dreamy tumbling, wonderland treatment and high speed cinematography helped us dramatise the luxurious fluidity of the key pieces. By shooting at 1000 fps on the Phantom we were able to suspend ‘Alice’ to capture a weightless elegance.



Blown Away

Commercial for Bradford & Bingley, shot on location in Cape Town 2007.
The project encompassed designing a new brand identity and typographic style for the Bank – the animated floating dreams I designed for TV were then adopted across all the Branch POS and literature.  We staged the Train Station environment in a Business centre and used CG and VFX to complete the illusion- the gust of wind being delivered by giant gas canisters! Shot 35mm.



Campaign of Sponsorship Idents for We Buy Any Car and UK TV Chanel Dave.
Interpreting the familiar brand audio device using only real recorded sounds from real vehicles, a ’Carchestra’ of several vehicles and a total of 10 unique films were created : This one featuring notes made by electronics and illuminations. A lot of experimentation and a lot of fun.

WINNER ‘Best TV campaign’ at the 2011 FRESH AWARDS



Campaign of Sponsorship Idents for We Buy Any Car and UK TV Chanel Dave.
The brief was interpret the familiar brand audio device using only real recorded sounds from real vehicles.
A ‘Carchestra’ of several vehicles was created from a phenomenal single day of shooting (PB of 106 slates!) and a total of 10 unique films were achieved from the results: This one featuring percussive notes made by wipers and washer jets.
Pre-production research and testing helped establish a beat map demo track. A lot of experimentation and a lot of fun. My thanks to Sound Design collaborators Bent Ear and Editor Bled for their skill and long hours on the project.

WINNER ‘Best TV campaign’ at the 2011 FRESH AWARDS



Campaign of Sponsorship Idents for We Buy Any Car and UK TV Chanel Dave.
The brief was interpret the familiar brand audio device using only real recorded sounds from real vehicles.
A ‘Carchestra’ of several vehicles created 10 unique films: This one featuring engine throttle and exhaust notes.

My thanks to Sound Design collaborators Bent Ear and Editor Bled for their skill and long hours on the project.

WINNER ‘Best TV campaign’ at the 2011 FRESH AWARDS


Sniper 2

To help build the tension and anticipation for the immersive Xbox/PlayStation game Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, I was hired to create this film, blending live action and CG elements to blur the lines between real and the augmented.
Working with RealtimeUk, every detail was planned to ensure accuracy of weapons and military special ops authenticity.  The Snipers themselves were ex forces and the firearms were the real thing.  I had a hand picked team and specialist equipment so we could move fast and light. We flew in. Got the shots and got home safe!
In its launch weekend it had 30,000 hits.



TV Commercial and automotive assault for Sony PlayStation and LOVE.
Brings to life PSP and Gran Turismo’s accelerated mobile access to all your dream cars and tracks.
Combination of live action, location, green screen and CG elements.



Influential is an expanding communications agency.  As part of their new brand identity, creative director Mark McGrath approached me to produce an abstract, transformative, impactful, visually arresting film.

We discussed the essence of influence, inspiration, energy, scale, power, creativity and how we could capture these things on screen and in sound. Having initially considered computer generated imagery we committed to an exploration of live-action, hi-speed, vibrant powder explosions and I put together a team.

We shot in 4k high definition at up to 1,000 fps on the Phantom Flex camera in a controlled studio space using compressed gas and other techniques to achieve a series of compelling, hypnotic effects.
Each shot (in the dark) was an exciting, unique experiment with an unknown result.
Thanks to all who collaborated to these spectacular results.  A really enjoyable project.



Shot on the Phantom HD Gold, Autumn 2010, in Manchester Woodland.  A personal project and experiment to test high speed capabilites in ambient, low light conditions. Inspired by seasonal colour and the desire to create something imaginative and cinematic- outside the camera’s usual technical/scientific remit.

The guys at Vision Research liked it and the film was screened by them, for the first time 15th Feb 2011, at the BVE, Earls Court, London.

My thanks to Amy Finnimore (Nemesis) who personified Autumn,  to 422.TV for their post production support and to Jez Clark for the loan of his vintage bike.




I tell stories, on screens.  Born in Salford, my own story began when I lost an eye in an accident. This turned out to be a huge advantage as its bionic replacement gave me the power to see through clothing and into the future.

I survived the same school as Danny Boyle and misspent my youth with balls, guitars and pencils.  Following art college and studies in graphic design and photography I began my career in 1987 Madchester drawing storyboards. For 15 years I was an Art Director and Creative Director conceiving commercials and campaigns for agencies and brands in the UK and internationally.  I worked at JWT for 7 years. I earned a shelf of awards.

I slipped into the director’s chair when no one was looking in 2003 and have since been fortunate to work in 5 continents and for lots of innovative brands like Sony PlayStation and Adidas.  I’m experienced working with children, animals and other unpredictable subjects. I have a passion for sport and enjoy working across broadcast and online platforms in a wide variety of styles. My work often choreographs live action performance with CG animation and VFX.

My point of view is you have to take risks to be noticed and that you have to say something meaningful to connect. Visual fascination is what I search for in my work and I try to achieve this by staying curious, making sketches, taking pictures, observing life.

The way I see it, we’re under siege from digital distractions.  So bombarded by shit in fact, that we rarely seem to have time to drag our gaze over the small horizon of our screens, just to have a look around. A lot of what is amazing and amusing passes us by unnoticed and uncelebrated.  So I occupy myself in a daily activity of keeping an eye out for the small human dramas and moments of illumination that surround us.

No matter the project, my focus is consistent – I strive to simplify an idea to its purest most potent expression and then I amplify it through sounds and images to arrest an audience. I take care over the details and I take no joy from anything done half-hearted. I believe the harder you persevere, the more inspiring and satisfying your work. And that my friends is how I see things. Graft and craft.

Here on my site is a small sample of my work and personal projects. If you’d like to see more evidence of my versatility or a particular genre please get in touch. When I’m not making films I coach Colts Rugby.  I also work with wood. Not everything I make is 16 x 9.


+44 7971 81 73 75